"It’s so important that we maintain the staff that we’ve got, that we’ve put the effort into, we want to keep them. They’re people’s cousins, friends, children, grandchildren. We employ at the moment probably 40 people, so it is a big network of employment that trickled through. It’s not just about Bojangles being Bojanges, it’s about the people that are here and supporting them as well."

"If Bojangles was on its own at this end of Liebig Street, we probably wouldn’t be any busier. It’s the fact that you’ve got all different styles of food, all different types of characters. .... It’s just an interesting mix, that’s what brings people down to this end of Liebig Street and that’s what we’ve got to protect with the redevelopment. If a new restaurant opens up, it doesn’t mean you get any quieter."

Simon - Bojangles