Liebig Street

Liebig Street is at the heart of Warrnambool’s city centre.

It is where you will find a diverse mix of professional services, retail and dining experiences.

National chains and independent traders have found a home in Liebig Street, named after the German chemist considered the founder of organic chemistry and famed for his research into fertilisers.

The street is fertile ground for retailers and for ensuring a rewarding experience for visitors to the city centre.

Visitors to the city centre can turn directly off the Princes Highway (Raglan Parade) into Liebig Street.

The City Centre Renewal over 2017-2018 revitalised Liebig Street with new road pavement, removal of gutters and the installation of new street furniture, activity nodes, public art and wider footpaths paved with bluestone.

The $15 million City Centre Renewal was funded by the Australian and Victorian governments and Warrnambool City Council.